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Ready for My Close-Up

I’ve just returned from a session with professional photographer Dave Cross, and I have a CD-ROM with roughly 50 images to choose from for my new official author photo.

The impetus for this, of course, is my upcoming original novel The Calling, for which I’ve been given the go-ahead to run my author bio and photo on the inside back cover — something I’ve long wanted.

It’s my hope that this will reduce the number of idiots who bring my books to the other David Mack for him to sign.

As soon as I make a final selection for my author photo and have the finished image from Dave Cross, I will post it here and on my Web site, likely in a few weeks.

Steve Roby’s review of Gods of Night

Steve Roby has posted a lengthy and very well-reasoned review of Star Trek Destiny, Book I: Gods of Night on his blog.

I love this review not only for the nice things he says about the book, but also because of his very legitimate (though mild) criticisms, some of which echo a few of my own feelings about the finished book.

A few of the quotes I most enjoyed:

“Continuing with the Hernandez storyline, I really liked the big old-fashioned space opera/adventure feel of it, with its mysterious and powerful aliens, and the huge, scientifically advanced alien cities. … The Caeliar world has a good, old-fashioned SF alien feel about it, and it’s fun to find a big exploration and adventure story as part of what so many people think will be a Borg overdose.”

“This is how to do a Star Trek crossover. With epic scope, intensity, and raw emotion, Gods of Night is a powerful beginning to a story that looks likely to have real consequences for the Star Trek universe. Not to be missed.”

Color me pleased. 🙂

Krugman on McCain

New York Times columnist Paul Krugman published the following item a few hours ago in his NYT blog, The Conscience of a Liberal:

McCain on banking and health

The money quote: “McCain, who now poses as the scourge of Wall Street, was praising financial deregulation like 10 seconds ago — and promising that if we marketize health care, it will perform as well as the financial industry!”

This is beyond scary. Can someone please hang John McCain’s presidential bid with this? Please?

TrekWeb’s review of Destiny

Jeff Ayers has reviewed Star Trek Destiny, Book I: Gods of Night for TrekWeb, giving it a 10 out of 10 rating.

The money quote par excellence:

“…the novel focuses on the characters and their preparations for the inevitable fight, elevating the story above the usual fare. Star Trek show fans will find much to enjoy. Fans of the Star Trek books should consider this a gift from the Gods. As far as the first entry in the trilogy is concerned, it lives up to the hype and is one of the best Trek novels in quite a while. Will the next books be as great? I, for one, can’t wait to find out.”

Also, one lucky fan on the PsiPhi Star Trek Books Discussion Board says his copy arrived from Amazon this morning, so don’t delay, folks — order yours today, and pre-order books two and three, Mere Mortals and Lost Souls!

New review of Star Trek Destiny: Gods of Night

Robert Lyons has posted his review of Star Trek Destiny, Book I: Gods of Night over at

My favorite “money quotes” —

“Page after page in Gods of Night is loaded with outstanding narrative, story development, and personal touches that ensure that not even a single letter goes to waste. Mack’s alien creation, the Caeliar, is another ‘impossible for TV but possible in novel form’ race that allows us to truly explore the strange new worlds that all of us dream of at night. They are impressive, vast, and utterly alien, yet their philosophy is, in some respects, the ultimate dream of humanity.”

“If you are a Trek fan that’s been avoiding the TNG relaunch, the DS9 relaunch, the Voyager relaunch, the Titan books, or any of the rest of the current crop of twenty-fourth century Trek literature, do yourself a favor: go get this book.”


Star Trek Destiny: Gods of Night – first review

I’m pleased to report that has posted its review of Gods of Night, the first volume in my swiftly approaching Star Trek Destiny trilogy. It’s also the first public review of the book.

The money quote:

Gods of Night contains everything great about Star Trek — advanced technology, intrigue, drama, relationships, danger, action, mystery, aliens, time travel, and blowing stuff up. Ending in a mild cliffhanger, readers will want to pick up the next, Mere Mortals, as soon as possible. With an exciting story, wonderful characters, and insurmountable odds to overcome, this is a trilogy no Trek fan will want to miss.