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Kirks Not Taken

I had an idle thought this week while watching Kiefer Sutherland chew the scenery on 24.

If the new Star Trek film hadn’t been a reboot with a cadet-aged Kirk … if it had been instead a re-imagining of the five-year mission … Kiefer Sutherland might actually make an awesome adult James T. Kirk:

Jim Kirk, meet Jack Bauer
Jim Kirk, meet Jack Bauer

Your mileage may vary.

A new day (of torture) begins…

I have to admit, I have conflicted feelings about Sunday’s  season premiere of 24.

On the one hand, I am a big fan of the series. I love the intricacy of the plotting, even though it’s kind of absurd that something goes horribly awry like clockwork precisely every 60 minutes and Jack Bauer never so much as comments on it. (“Hang on, Chloe — it’s two minutes to the top of the hour. Something must be about to hit the fan!”)

What troubles me is that the show has, for several seasons, been a cheerleader and how-to video for torture. (more…)