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My Farpoint 2014 schedule

Stalkers, rejoice! Here is where and when you’ll be able to find me (other than at the bar) at Farpoint 2014, which is happening Friday, February 14, through Sunday, February 16, at the North Baltimore Plaza Hotel, 2004 Greenspring Dr., Timonium, MD 21093. (Be aware this property used to be known as the Crowne Plaza Hotel; it changed names since last year.)


Friday, February 14

4PM — Building a Series
Chesapeake Room 1
I’ll say right now, this one is tentative. As long as traffic and weather cooperate, I’ll be there. But if I’m absent, it’ll be due to travel complications.

10PM–Midnight — Farpoint Book Fair
Dulaney Rooms
Come meet all the author guests of Farpoint, buy books, and get autographs. Yes, I’ll be there, too.


Saturday, February 15

10AM — Ask David Mack Anything
Parlor Room 308
If you can find me in this off-the-beaten track space, go ahead and ask me whatever’s on your mind. You can even start with, “How in heaven’s name are you even awake at this godforsaken hour of the morning?” I do not promise my answers will be coherent, even if I succeed in acquiring coffee before this inquisition.

11AM — The Hobbit: Bored of the Rings?
Dulaney Valley Room 2
I know I’m getting sick of the drawn-out mess that is The Hobbit trilogy. Let’s argue about it. Because lord knows, that always turns out well.

3PM — SyFy Channel Chat
Dulaney Valley Room 2
Let’s talk about all our favorite (and un-favorite) SyFy Channel original series, like Warehouse 13, Helix, and more.

4PM — Autograph Table
Front Atrium
I’ll spend an hour looking like a lost pet, waiting for someone to come buy my books, get autographs, and give me a scritch on the head.


Sunday, February 16

10AM —How to Write for Different Media
Chesapeake Room 2
Once again, some sadist is making me get up early. This time, I’m supposed to be able to offer a cogent lesson on the differences between writing for prose, comics, film, and television. Pray I’ve had coffee beforehand.

Noon — Orphan Black: Send in the Clones
Ridgley Room 1
Come and share opinions about a show I love, the clone-tastic Orphan Black. Come join me and Russ Colchamiro to yak about it.

1PM — Star Trek: Onscreen, Online, or On Paper?
Dulaney Valley Room 1
Let’s argue about where Star Trek is at its best — and where we’d like to see it thrive in the future.

2PM — Autograph Table
Front Atrium
I’ll sit in plain view for one last hour. This will be your last chance to chat with me, buy my books, or get autographs before I depart and return to my native environs in the shadowy northlands (also known as New York City).

That’s my schedule, kids. See y’all at Farpoint!


My Shore Leave 35 schedule

This weekend I will be one of a great many author guests at Shore Leave 35 in Hunt Valley, Md. My schedule is still slightly in flux as the con makes last-minute adjustments, but here is a fairly good idea of where you’ll be able to find me this weekend.


Friday, August 2

Tor Books: New and Upcoming
Hunt Ballroom, 9PM–10PM
I’ll be helping Tor editors Marco Palmieri and Greg Cox run their slideshow presentation of the latest publication and imminent new releases from Tor Books. At the end of the hour, I’ll be taking over the show for a few minutes to announce a major new Star Trek literary project.

Meet the Pros
Hunt-Valley Corridor, 10PM–Midnight
Come say “hi” to the con’s author guests! Buy books from the retailer’s table or directly from the writers, or bring your own books and comics from home. I’ll be selling books, DVDs, and comics — and my autographs are free!


Saturday, August 3

Influence of Soundtracks and Scores on Writing
10AM–11AM, Derby Room
An all-star panel of authors including myself, Robert Greenberger, Jim Johnson, Melissa Scott, Steve Wilson, and Greg Cox will discuss the role that music plays in our creative process as writers.

The Future History of Star Trek‘s Past in Prose
1PM–2PM, Chase Room
Will the Star Trek novels continue to chronicle only the prime universe versions of the original series cast, or will the reboot versions of these characters make the jump to the page in the non-YA novels? Join the discussion with yours truly as well as New York Times bestselling author Michael Jan Friedman and veteran Trek scribe Christopher L. Bennett.

Did Man of Steel Tarnish Superman?
3PM–4PM, Chase Room
Some fans disagree vehemently with the depiction of Superman in the new film Man of Steel by Zack Snyder. Was this darker vision of Kal-El a betrayal of his 75-year-long legacy? Or was it a valid new interpretation of a superhero as viewed through a post-modern lens? I will explore this subject with fellow author Christopher L. Bennett (and possibly also Superman comics writer-editor Paul Kupperberg) as well with the panel audience.


Sunday, August 4

Star Trek: The Original Series — Where Hundreds of Writers Have Gone Before
2PM–3PM, Belmont Room
This panel might or might not be on the final schedule (check the Shore Leave website to confirm). Keith R.A. DeCandido, Greg Cox and I talk about how a writer continues to tell new stories during the era of the Original Series despite its having been explored in print and on screen for nearly five decades—and I’ll offer the audience one final sneak peek at my upcoming new Star Trek book project.


And that’s my schedule for this year’s Shore Leave. See y’all in Baltimore this weekend!


My Farpoint schedule

Greetings and salutations, stalkers! Here’s my schedule for the Farpoint convention, which begins tomorrow at the Crowne Plaza Hotel – Baltimore North, in Timonium, Maryland.

Friday, February 15

6PM – Like Father, Like Son: Father-Son Relationships in Star Trek
Chesapeake 1
I’ll be talking about how the father-son relationship is at the core of my recent New York Times bestselling trilogy Cold Equations, and the way this theme has been integral to several of my novels. (Ann Harding; Andrew Kelley; Abby Lindstrom; David Mack; Phil Margolies)

9PM – Minor Characters on DS9: Everyone’s a Star!
Chesapeake 1
As the co-writer of the only episode of the show to feature supporting characters as the “A” story (“It’s Only a Paper Moon”), I thought this was a panel to which I could make a substantive contribution. (Randy Hall; Lorenzo Heard; Andrew Kelley; Abby Lindstrom; David Mack; Phil Margolies)

10PM-Midnight – Farpoint Book Fair
Timonium Room (Con Suite)
I’ll be promoting my new trilogy, of course, and I’ll be bringing copies of some of my older works for sale. I plan to accept both cash and credit cards, thanks to PayPal and my new iPhone credit-card reader. (Everyone and their cousins, too)


Saturday, February 16

4PM – Writing Media Tie‐Ins
Chesapeake 2
I and several of my peers will be talking about the art and business of writing licensed fiction for such famous franchises as Star Trek, Star Wars, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and much more. (Keith DeCandido; Michael Jan Friedman; David Mack; Aaron Rosenberg)

5PM – Author Signing
Hotel Atrium
I’ll be available for autographs, photos, chit-chat, and book sales for about 90 minutes on Saturday afternoon. If you miss me at the Friday night book fair, this will be your chance to talk with me one-on-one. (Just little ol’ me)


Sunday, February 17

2PM – Music to Write By
Dulaney 2
I and several of my cohorts will discuss the role that music plays in our creative process as writers. (Bob Greenberger; David Mack; Kate Mason; Richard C. White; Lance Woods)


And that’s a full lid, folks.  See you in Timonium!


Post-con Report: GMX, Vol. 4

Last weekend, I had the honor and pleasure of being a featured guest of the fourth annual Geek Media Expo. The convention, which offers a diverse slate of programming to appeal to a wide range of self-professed “geeks,” was held at the Cool Springs Conference Center & Franklin Marriott in Franklin, TN, a close suburb of Nashville.


Geek Media Expo schedule

I will be a featured guest this weekend at Geek Media Expo (aka GMX Vol. 4), which is taking place at the Cool Springs Conference Center in Franklin, TN (just off I-65, near Nashville).

My schedule for the weekend:


7PM–8PM — Opening Ceremonies
Champions Ballroom
Come meet me and the convention’s other featured guests!

10PM–11PMStar Trek: From Paper to Screen
Franklin Room
Garrett Wang (“Harry Kim” on Star Trek Voyager) and I will discuss the behind-the-scenes aspects of working on Star Trek, from the conception and writing of the episodes, to the rehearsal and filming.


10AM–1PM (or thereabouts) — Orion Slave Auction
Palomino/Quarter Horse/Mustang rooms
I will be participating in the con’s charity auction by offering to name a character in the next Star Trek novel I write after one lucky bidder. If the winner bids high enough, they might even get a cool death scene and be mourned by a canonical Star Trek character.

1PM–2PM — Storycraft with Friends II: Write Harder!
Franklin Room
I and three other featured author guests (Janine Spendlove, Bryan Young, and Dennis Upkins) will lead the con’s “Book Channel” featured event: an interactive session in which we help the audience craft a “genre-defying” short story in real time. I’m not sure how this will work, but my friends at GMX tell me it promises to be tres cool.

2PM–3PM — Talking Heads! Q&A with Author Guests
Clydesdale Room
Come and ask me and the con’s other author guests whatever you want to know about our work, or upcoming projects, and our careers.

3PM–5PM — Autographing
I don’t know where this will happen, exactly, but I might be sharing a table with another author in the Dealer’s Room. When I know for certain, I will post the info on my Twitter feed and Facebook Author Page. It will be my pleasure to autograph any of my works that you bring to the table. And in case you were wondering: I do not charge for autographs.


1PM–3PM — Autographing
Again, details on where this will happen will be posted on my Twitter feed and Facebook Author Page.

I’m looking forward to meeting the fine fans of Tennessee, so please make the effort to come out and say “hi”!



Ready for NY Comic Con

Yesterday, I received my 4-Day Pro badge for New York Comic Con, where I’ll be speaking on panels and signing copies of my newest novel, Star Trek: The Next Generation — Cold Equations, Book I: The Persistence of Memory (assuming copies of the book actually show up in time for the convention).

The fine folks at NYCC were sure to remind me in the letter that came with my badge that it is “non-transferrable.” In other words, it’s not for use by anyone but me. There’s just one problem: the 2012 NYCC badges don’t have a space for the bearer’s name. So how will they know if people loan them out?

This is also kind of annoying for another reason. When I’m doing book signings at big events like comic cons, it’s helpful to see fans’ names on their badges when I’m trying to get the inscriptions right on their books.

I understand why NYCC can’t print customized badges for each pro attendee, but it would have been nice if they had left us some place to write or paste in our own names. Ah, well. Another con, another gripe.

Now, if we can just get NYCC to actually list me as a guest, and realize that I’m the David Mack on the Saturday 4:45PM panel, “More Than Just a Book: Expanded Universes from Page to Screen”, this might turn out to be less than a total fiasco of a weekend.