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New Video Interview on YouTube

See and hear me talk with comic-book historian Alan Kistler about “Remakes, Reboots & Sequels” on a new episode of his web video series, Crazy Sexy Geeks! Also featured in this episode are actor-director Edward James Olmos (Battlestar Galactica) and musician-filmmaker Rob Zombie (the new Halloween films).

Crazy Sexy Geeks

I know, I know — long time no post. I’ve been digging my way out from beneath the trifecta of overlapping deadlines. With two down and one to go, I feel I’ve earned the right to take a breath and tell y’all about something cool:

Crazy Sexy Geeks, the new weekly web-video series by actor Jose Ramos and comic-book historian Alan Kistler that seeks to enlighten mainstream audiences about comic books, movies, TV, and genre-related pop culture.

Watch the first episode of Crazy Sexy Geeks on YouTube (featuring an interview with actress, filmmaker and author Amber Benson) and link it if you dig it!

A very good Friday

I had a pleasant day yesterday.

I got up early, saw my wife off to work, then made pancakes for my breakfast. After running some simple errands, I did a bit of work reviewing the copy edit on my upcoming expanded edition of Star Trek Mirror Universe: The Sorrows of Empire, and I received an e-mail from an editor about a possible new writing gig (we’ll have to see if it works out; I need to submit some writing samples to earn the job).

Around 3pm I met with Keith R.A. DeCandido and Marco Palmieri for lunch at an Irish place in midtown Manhattan. It was just a friendly get-together, though we talked shop because we couldn’t help ourselves.

After lunch, I walked up to the Barnes and Noble store on Fifth Avenue at 45th Street. I was pleased to find that they had several copies of my novel The Calling on the new fiction table at the front of the store. I asked a manager if it would be okay for me to sign copies of the book, and she graciously allowed me to do so. Then she put snazzy “autographed copy” stickers on the covers and moved them out to the front edge of the table, where they’d be more visible. So anyone in the New York area who wants a signed copy of The Calling, hurry on over to B&N on Fifth & 45th!

My next stop was Midtown Comics at 45th Street and Lexington, where I met my friend Alan Kistler to record a segment for an upcoming episode of his new web video series, Crazy Sexy Geeks, the first installment of which features Amber Benson and premieres Wednesday, August 5.

Today I’m celebrating three friends’ birthdays —the first with a brunch, the latter two belatedly with dinner and wine. And at some point I need to get back to work: I have an audition piece to write, a magazine article to draft, a copy edited ms. to finish vetting, and a new novel to start writing. August, it seems, is going to be crazy busy here at Casa Mack…