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My Voice on NPR’s Studio 360

G’day, sports fans!

Today’s breaking news: over on the site for NPR’s series Studio 360, Eric Molinsky has posted his audio segment about the new Watchmen feature film. (Scroll to the bottom of the page.)

He interviews noted author and comic-book scriptwriter Brad Meltzer, and he also talks to a group of “comic-book professionals” in a Manhattan diner… When you reach that part of this clip, the first voice from that segment is yours truly.


First Destiny Interview

For those who might be interested, has posted an interview with me about my upcoming Star Trek Destiny trilogy.

They’ve already posted an exclusive excerpt from the first book (Chapter 2), and they’ll be posting an early review in the next week or two. The first chapter of Gods of Night is also available on their site (reposted there from the SimonSays site).

More interviews about the Destiny trilogy are forthcoming, on and VoxBomb, the blog of Julio Angel Ortiz. Check back for those links soon.