Media Inquiries & Public Appearances

If you would like to interview me about my work or topics about which I am qualified to speak (such as Star Trek, science fiction, writing, film, television, Rush, etc.), all you need to do is ask. Contact me via the form below. You can also reach me via the SFWA Speakers Bureau.

I am usually happy to be interviewed. I prefer e-mail interviews, but with sufficient advance notice I can grant phone interviews, either for print or broadcast. As a general rule, I do not grant in-person interviews.

Please query me before you send questions. Tell me who you are, for whom you are writing the interview, and how you wish to conduct the interview. If you are a journalist on a short deadline, feel free to include a phone number.

Currently I attend only a few conventions each year, and I would be thrilled to be invited to yours. If you’d like me to be a speaker or a guest at your convention, contact me and let me know who you are, the convention you represent, and the location and dates of the convention.

The earlier you invite me, the better the chance I’ll be able to work your event into my schedule. Please note that I generally attend Shore Leave each summer, so short of a Guest of Honor invitation, I am not likely to accept an invitation scheduled against that event.

Please read this site’s FAQ before submitting questions.

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