Answers to the most frequently asked questions that I receive.

Are you the David Mack who writes/draws Kabuki/Daredevil/Fight Club?
No. As much as I would love to take credit for his gorgeous work, I cannot. To learn more about telling us apart, visit our co-hosted David Mack Disambiguation Page. Just to confuse you a little more, he painted the cover art for my Wolverine novel, Road of Bones. If you buy it, remember to ask him to sign the cover, and ask me to sign the title page.

Can you help me get an agent?

Will you help me get my Star Trek novel published?

Would you be willing to collaborate with me on this great idea I have?

Are you sure you can’t/won’t help me?
I’m positive.

Will you read my new novel (short story; poem; trilogy idea; screenplay; memoir; business plan; etc.)?
No. Aside from the very real possibility that you might be completely wasting my time, there is also an infinitesimal chance that an idea you show me might duplicate one that I am already working on, thereby leaving me vulnerable to lawsuits. If you want an honest, professional opinion about your work, send it to a legitimate literary agent.

Your novel Promises Broken ended on a cliffhanger! Will there be any more novels based on The 4400?
Unfortunately, the publisher chose not to make any more books based on The 4400, so my novel is where the saga ends. The editor had asked me to end it on a cliffhanger just in case the publisher wanted to continue the story in book form, but they decided against it. Just tear out the epilogue and pretend it didn’t happen.