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  • Paperback and eBook
  • Publisher: Silence in the LIbrary
    (January 2015)
  • ISBN-13: 978-1941650363

“Hell Rode With Her”

Novelette in Apollo's Daughters

Edited by Bryan Young

February 1944. After ten years of exile, war-weary young sorceress Anja Kernova returns to the Russian village where she grew up. But there is no hero’s welcome for her — only the bitter stings of betrayal and rejection, and the discovery of a dire new threat to Mother Russia that will put her courage and her loyalty to the test.

Hell Rode With Her (illustration)

This brand-new novelette is a companion piece to The Midnight Front, a new World War II-era supernatural thriller coming in January 2018 from Tor Books.

Apollo’s Daughters is an anthology of short fantasy and science-fiction stories featuring strong female main characters, written by male authors. It is a companion volume to the Athena’s Daughters anthology, which contained tales of strong female characters written by female authors.

story illustrations by Elias Pate, Tim Odland, and Mark Dos Santos

Table of Contents

Introduction by John Mather

"Burnout" by John Jackson Miller

"Hell Rode With Her" by David Mack

"Thief of Eden" by Jason Young

"Clarity of Mind: An O.C.L.T Tale"
by Aaron Rosenberg

"Mark Fifty-Two" by Jim Bernheimer

"EarthNight: Last Passage"
by Justin Aclin & Alex Segura

"Visionaries of Bedlam" by Alan Smale

"Future Futures" by Donald J. Bingle

"Weary" by Christopher Ruz

"Daughter of Sands" by Joshua B. Palmatier

"The Dark Arts Come to Hebron"
by David R. George III

"The Silent Woman" by John Skovron

"No Good Deed" by Bryan Young

"As Needed" by Michael A. Stackpole

"Disarray" by Aaron Allston and Bryan Young

"The Myth of the Female Protagonist"
by Aaron Allston