Why I Voted for Obama in the Primary

As I’ve said to a few of my friends here in New York, I won’t pretend that I voted for Barack Obama in the New York Democratic primary for logical reasons. My motivations were, I confess, chiefly emotional.

First, I have been angered by a number of the votes that Hillary Clinton has cast during her time as my state’s junior U.S. senator. Her claims to be against the war in Iraq ring hollow in light of her votes to authorize it and fund it. Second, she has repeatedly refused to condemn the practice of torture by agents and military personnel of the United States. Third, I do not like the idea of perpetuating the notions of dynasty in American politics. Already we’re saddled with the Kennedys and the Bushes. Enough.

Obama demonstrated against the war. Obama has stated that torture is “never OK”. He repudiates the control of our government by lobbyists and special interests. And most of all, I feel he represents the best chance America has for finding a new and better direction.

That’s why I support Barack Obama for the Democratic nomination, and for President of the United States. I have voted for him once, I gave money to his senatorial campaign in 2004, I have given money to his presidential campaign, and if I am given the opportunity, I will vote for him come November 2008.

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