Off to Comic-Con….I hope

Well, sports fans, this it: I depart today for Comic-Con International in San Diego.

At least, I hope I do. I have awoken this morning to rain, lightning, and thunder here in New York City. Exactly the kind of weather I do not want to see on a day when I am scheduled to go hurtling through the air in a pressurized aluminum tube.

Assuming I make it to San Diego today as planned (or close to it), my schedule for the con is fairly simple.

Wednesday: Check in to my hotel, pick up my credentials, and go to the Comic-Con Preview.

Thursday: I have a panel at 4pm: “Star Trek Without a Blueprint,” that includes authors and editors from Pocket Books and IDW Comics, as well as blogger, author, and actor Wil Wheaton. At 5:30pm, I will join authors Dayton Ward, Kevin Dilmore, and Glenn Hauman to sign copies of the SCE story collection Creative Couplings, which features my novella “Small World.”

Friday – Sunday: Troll the con looking for new work for 2009. Maybe visit the zoo.

Monday: Battle the horde of con escapees and try to make it home in one piece.

Those of you who will be at San Diego Comic-Con International, I look forward to seeing you!

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