Advice to Democrats: Fight Dirty

In an article published yesterday on, Glenn Greenwald makes a simple argument for why the Obama campaign needs to take off its kid gloves and start practicing the politics of personal destruction on McCain-Palin right now.

Case in point: Two weeks ago, 67% of Americans had never heard of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

Yesterday, according to a Rasmussen Reports policy poll, following Palin’s disgraceful, lie-packed speech at the RNC, she earned a 58% approval rating from surveyed voters. That’s a higher approval rating than either McCain or Obama (both scored 57%) or Biden (48%).

Sixty percent of those queried in a SurveyUSA poll gave Palin an “A” for her convention speech. Fifty-five percent called her an “asset” to McCain. And that same poll showed McCain edging past Obama, 48% to 45%.

Learn the lesson, Democrats: Going negative works. Get ugly. Lie shamelessly. Because in politics, it’s not the truth that matters, or who has the best ideas, it’s all about framing the story, whether it’s true or not.

Now stop playing nice, stop bringing knives to gunfights, get out there, and destroy those fascist, Dominionist, corporatist thugs. Show them no quarter, because I guarantee you will receive none from them.


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