An LJ review of Gods of Night

My thanks to starri1 for her his review of Star Trek Destiny, Book I: Gods of Night.

Ze “money quote” —

“When David Mack said this was going to be epic in scale, he wasn’t kidding.

I mean, this makes his work on Vanguard seem positively provincial by comparison.”


ETA: Another LJ-based review, this one from VoxBomb (aka Julio Angel Ortiz).

Its quotes de money:

“[Mack] does an amazing job in developing the Caeliar. The Caeliar are the kind of race that one expects to find in great science fiction: they inspire a sense of awe and wonder.”

“[T]he Borg return to their elite status as Trek’s most fearsome enemies. Mack does a great job of setting the stage for the epic battle, including a few vignettes from the battle lines. The reader is left with no doubt about the scope of what is at stake, and knowing that there is no reset button at the end of this tale makes it all the more thrilling and disturbing.”

Titan‘s tale features some of the most heart-wrenching writing I have read in Trek literature. As a father, reading Riker and Troi’s struggle was hard. This is powerful writing, in particular Troi’s counseling session. While the scientific and exploratory portions of the Titan‘s story (and how they begin to tie-in with the wider arc of Destiny) are very well done, the character-focused moments on board Titan carry the biggest punch (train, meet rabbit).”


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