Cat Matters

What a fun day I’ve just had. Yes, that was sarcasm.

I’ll spare you all the rather stomach-turning details of my elderly cat’s medical tribulations and sum up: One week after a veterinary exam and a (very expensive) blood test had resulted in a healthy prognosis, my cat was back at the vet today for treatment of a rather unpleasant problem.

The upshot was that, after a nearly two-hour visit to the vet, I brought home one stinky kitty. She had to be barred from certain areas of the house until I could un-stink her. But first, I had to clean up the house, change out the cats’ litter completely, and draw the cat a warm bath.

Yes, a bath. All in all, she took it rather well. I guess, considering the horrible day she has had, this was among the least-terrible things she’s had to endure.

I am now thoroughly soaked, mildly scratched, and completely exhausted. And dismayed at how skinny my sweet old cat looks when she’s wet. Poor kitty.

Sigh. This is a Monday I will be glad to have behind me.

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