first review of Shards and Shadows

As noted by kradical and ineti, starri1 has posted his review of the new Star Trek Mirror Universe short-story anthology, Shards and Shadows.

From his remarks about my story, “For Want of a Nail” —

“Given all of my glowing love for just about every one of Mack’s other stories, I think you can fairly safely assume that this story would have had to release flesh-eating beetles from its pages in order for me to not find something to like. Fortunately, while he was poking about in the dark corners, he found something interesting as well, most notably the dynamic Memory Omega superteam of K’Ehleyr and Reg Barclay. Their pairing as work chums (where, of course, Reg is secretly in love with her) who grew up together inside the secret base on Regula I is such a good idea, just because it’s so elegantly simple.”

Be warned, however: The reviewer’s other effusive comments are laden with serious spoilers about many of my story’s twists.

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