You’re Nobody Till Somebody Hacks You…

…or, at least, you’re nobody until somebody tries to hack you.

I tried to retrieve my e-mail late this afternoon, only to receive a message that my account had been locked out because of too many attempts in a row to logon with the incorrect password.

This baffled me, as no such thing had happened, so far as I knew. Even after I had logged in — and been forced to re-download months of old e-mail off the server — it continued to happen. So I e-mailed my tech support team.

Apparently, someone operating from the domain (in Switzerland) made hundreds of failed attempts to log in to my server via FTP. The tech team has since blocked that domain from accessing their servers, and to be on the safe side I have just updated all my passwords to much stronger, all-new ones.

So far my web site seems unaffected, and I don’t think my e-mail was compromised, but it’s hard to be one-hundred percent certain. But I guess this means that I have, at last arrived: Someone thinks that I am worth trying to hack.


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