Web Stats Update

Howdy, sports fans! It’s time again for my website’s ego-statistical update.

For the period of January 1, 2009, through March 2, 2009, my official website, davidmack.pro, has seen moderate traffic.

According to Google Analytics, my site received 1,819 visits from 62 countries/territories, resulting in 4,869 pageviews. Approximately 78 percent of those were tagged as new visitors.

Not surprisingly, the majority of my site traffic (1,247 visits) came from the United States. (My estimate is that only 33 of those visits were actually me checking my site after content updates. I’ve finally and belatedly set up an IP filter to prevent my visits from showing up in these numbers.)

In distant second and third place, respectively, were the United Kingdom (145 visits) and Canada (130 visits).

Occupying spots four through nine were double-digit contenders Germany (59), Australia (30), France (28), Ireland (20), The Netherlands (12), and Italy (10).

The rest of the field lies in single-digit territory. Lots of repeats from my previous report, but a few that make me smile because they are so remote and/or new: Singapore, Croatia, Thailand, Algeria, Madagascar, Iraq, Pakistan, Jordan, and The United Arab Emirates (and scores of others from throughout Europe, South America, Africa, and Asia).

The five most visited pages were, in order, the main page, the books page, my bio, the information page for The Calling, and my news page.

The sources of my traffic seem to have been split equally between referring sites, Google searches (most of which appear to have been looking for me and not the other David Mack), and direct visits (probably bookmarks). The top referring sites are Wikipedia, the TrekBBS, ISFDB.org, and Memory Alpha. Interesting.

That concludes this report from the DavidMack.pro control room. You may now resume your web-surfing, already in progress.

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