To Boldly Stink…

Courtesy of my friend Jennifer Allen in Atlanta:

AccessAtlanta: Now you can smell like a ‘Star Trek’ character
by Phil Kloer, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Apparently, someone thought it would be a good idea to market fragrances for men and women branded to tie in to the new Star Trek film opening in May.

For you alpha males, there’s Tiberius; for you expendable wingmen there’s Red Shirt; and for ladies looking to lure men into pointless fights to the death, there’s Pon Farr.

Eric Watts of Doraville, Ga., president of U.S.S. Republic, the largest Trek fan club in the southeastern United States, summed up this news perfectly: “Are you kidding me?”

Anyone who would try to market cologne to Star Trek fans has never caught a whiff of an SF convention. To paraphrase Dayton Ward, “The two things you’ll find in abundance at any sci-fi convention are hot water and unused condoms.”

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