Just what I didn’t need…

There appears to be an electrical failure affecting a row of ceiling-mounted lights in my apartment.

Three rooms in my home have lights that are roughly parallel with one another: the kitchen, the bathroom, and the master bedroom.

Earlier today, my wife and I noticed that the lights in the bathroom and the kitchen were flickering on and off. Now they don’t turn on at all.

We’ve ruled out a problem with the circuit breakers; turning those off and on made no difference. And other outlets in those rooms (which are on different circuits) are still functional.

What we have also noticed is what might be water damage on the ceiling in the kitchen, the point in that line of light fixtures that is closest to the circuit breaker. Perhaps the circuit has been interrupted.

No matter where the problem turns out to be, at the very least we will likely have to deal at some point very soon with having our kitchen’s ceiling torn out — and possibly also those in our bathroom and bedroom. Dammit.

Time to call the landlord…

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