David Mack Web Stats Update

It’s that time again! In other words, I am procrastinating because I’m stuck on a story point in whatever it is that I’m working on at the moment.

It’s been an interesting month of activity on the David Mack Official Site. During the period of April 17–May 17, 2009, the site has had 713 unique visitors and a total of 863 visits. Of those, 79.49% (686) were new visitors, and 20.51% (177) were returning guests. They hailed from 41 countries. My peak traffic day (43 visits) during that period was Friday, April 24 — ironically enough, on the day of my anniversary.

Visits to my site were slightly more likely to be made using Internet Explorer than Firefox (43.22% vs. 38.24%); nearly 13% were made using Safari; only 2.32% used Chrome, and Opera users accounted for only 1.74% of my traffic. Windows users accounted for 79.49% of my visits, while Macintosh users occupy a distant second place at 17.38%.

Direct visits totaled 183. My top-five referring sites were, in order, Wikipedia, TrekBBS, Memory Alpha, Memory Beta, Amazon.com. Google sent me 428 total visits based on 115 keywords. The top ten Google searches were, in order:

  1. david mack
  2. dave mack
  3. david mac
  4. “david mack”
  5. david mack star trek
  6. star trek vanguard
  7. infinity dog
  8. author david mac
  9. david a. mack
  10. mack david

I wonder if #3 and #8 might be explained by people mistyping my name before hitting “enter.” As for #10, I apologize to all those fans of the composer who found their way to my site by mistake.

Though their traffic figures were not statistically significant, I want to list a few of the countries from which visitors have come to my site this month: Lithuania, Pakistan, Romania, Greenland, Venezuela, Finland, Argentina, Macedonia, Grenada, Chile, Czech Republic, Singapore, and the Solomon Islands.

And so my campaign of global domination continues … bit by bit.  🙂

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