My Would-Be Hacker Is Back

*Sigh.* It’s just so damned irritating.

Some idiot would-be hacker is trying either to access my e-mail or to make an FTP connection to my Web site. Fortunately, my server hosts at have pretty good security protocols against these kinds of intrusions, and I have made certain to use long, non-intuitive passwords.

Unfortunately for me, the hackers’ repeated attempts to access my account cause two things to happen:

  1. I get temporarily locked out of my account, both with my e-mail client and webmail.
  2. When the account finally unlocks, because I leave messages on the server for remote access, my e-mail client ends up downloading hundreds of old e-mail messages.

Is it just hacker mentality to try to hack any site they can, or have I become enough of a public figure that someone thinks I am worth trying to hack? Honestly, I am mystified.

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