Last Lines meme

Snurched from suricattus and kradical — the last lines of my published (and a few upcoming) novels, and a few of my longer novellas. Obviously, these exclude “to be continued” and other such non-narrative crapola.

Hidden behind the cut to spare the f-listed.


Kieran’s gone.


He didn’t pull away.
She didn’t think about letting go.

Small World:

That would be a good day’s work, indeed.

A Time to Kill:

My Imzadi is alive, she told herself, her grief burning away, consumed by a fiery anger that walked hand-in-hand with her renewed hope. And I’m not leaving this planet without him.

A Time to Heal:

Turning to face his Imzadi, he said, “It’s time I stopped being comfortable, and it’s time I stopped standing in Data’s way. … I’m taking command of the Titan.”


A smirk tugged at the corner of his mouth.
Here we come.


Hatred infused her voice as she added, “But it only has room for one Kira Nerys.”

Road of Bones:

It was a journey long overdue.

The Sorrows of Empire:

It was inevitable.

Reap the Whirlwind:

Then he had her answer.

Gods of Night:

“Welcome to New Erigol.”

Mere Mortals:

“Take us home,” he said.

Lost Souls:

He regarded his own reflection with a smile.
“I’ll hope.”

The Calling:

“Hang on, honey, I’m on my way. … I’m comin’ home.”

Promises Broken:

There was fear in the scientist’s eyes as he replied, “Possibly everything, Tom. Everything.”

Precipice: (Major Spoiler Warning! Double-click on text below to read the last line of the next Vanguard book)

“Admiral … we’ve captured the Shedai intruder.”

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