Read Chapters 2 & 3 of The Calling

calling_final_revised_smI’ve just posted the second and third chapters of The Calling, my upcoming first original novel that is scheduled for publication in a few weeks.

Here’s a short tease from Chapter 2:

“Your dog showed us why we can’t have new furniture.”

“You know, it never ceases to amaze me,” Tom said. “When Scout does something useful, like chase a raccoon out of your garden, she’s ‘our’ dog. But when she wrecks something, she instantly becomes ‘my’ dog.”

Karen scowled jokingly over her shoulder. “Your point?”

“No point,” Tom replied.

“Get used to it,” Karen said. “Same rule goes for kids.”

And here’s a brief bit from Chapter 3:

Tom jolted awake in the dead of night, all but knocked from his bed. All the prayers he’d ever heard had come to him as whispers.

This one had fallen with the force of a command.

Seven words echoed in his mind as he scrambled from bed wearing just his frayed green sweatpants.

Enjoy! And if you dig what you read, pre-order The Calling from while it’s on sale!

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