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  1. Millie

    rather impressive article… What the more surprising (for me) is the fact that they recognize each of their colony as “friend”…
    (not exactly the same subject but…) Have you read Frank Herbert’s “Hellstrom’s Hive” ?
    A few days ago i watched a bbc documentary on “traveling animals and seeds” i was stunned by the fact that some spiders are capable of being lifted away by the wind. At High altitude their exoskeleton freeze as they “fly” far away. Then they fall down and if lucky they arrive in a place they can live and reproduce in. The rate of survival might not be very good but it’s enough for this spiders to thrive in many country…


  2. Millie

    And if you ever got the chance to have time to… you probably should… There are plenty though!lol! (plus i believe you would like some of them from what i can tell)
    The saga of Dune obviously is his master piece. But he wrote other stuff that i have liked very much. Like “The white Plague” or “Hellstrom’s hive” or “The dragon in the sea”… “The Santaroga barrier”, “soul catcher” etc…
    All this books had a great impact while i was growing up on the way i shifted my view on the universe from child to a more adult point of view.
    Sometimes it can be a little 60’s, i don’t know how to put it… Exploration of drugs in the psyche of humans? stuff like that was in vogue back then.
    Herbert has a view more “positive” of drugs (not of humanity) compared to Aldoux Huxley for exemple.

    Anyway Hellstrom’s hive (my exemple) begins like a police story, investigators from the FBI try to decypher what’s happening in the farm of Hellstrom. Little did they know that, there, humans have transform themselves into a colony that has the same organisation as ants. Perhaps not the best summary but i didn’t spoil too much if you ever want to read it (^_-) It’s a rather interesting view of “what if” humanity had made different “evolutive” decisions. if you ever read it let me know if you like it !


    PS : sorry about my dumb question about your book in the alternate universe i should have found the date without asking…

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