My Shore Leave Schedule

Well, I got my program schedule for Shore Leave, and it’s a train wreck, just like last year’s.

Friday, July 10

7pm–9pm: The Roast of Keith R.A. DeCandido for Charity
Hunt Ballroom — Don’t miss this rude, crude, hilarious tribute to tie-in fiction’s newest Grand Master.

10pm–Midnight: Meet the Pros
Hunt/Valley Foyer — Stop by for chit-chat and book signings with me and lots of other authors. I’ll be premiering my new original novel The Calling here 11 days before it officially goes on sale!

Saturday, July 11

No program items.  Yup, you read that right; it’s not a typo. I have nothing to do on Saturday.  Anyone want to get lunch?

I was scheduled on a “Farscape Continues” panel with Greg Cox and Keith DeCandido, but I begged off because … well, there’s no reason for me to be on that panel.

Saturday will be all about me hawking The Calling at the book-seller’s booth. I might also go off-site to see a movie.

Sunday, July 12

10am–11am: Star Trek Mirror Universe: Shards and Shadows
Salon E — A discussion with several authors of the recent Mirror Universe short-story anthology.

11am–12pm: Writing to Music – The Muse That Inspires
Hunt Ballroom — The panel’s title pretty much sums it up.

12pm–1pm: Classic Star Trek: What Gene Knew
Hunt Ballroom — This will be me, Dayton Ward, Kevin Dilmore, and editor Margaret Clark extolling the virtues of the original series.

1pm–2pm: Post-Destiny — Now What Will the Federation Do?
Hunt Ballroom — Speculation and vaguely informational teases about upcoming books will abound at this TrekLit panel.

The above is also not a typo; I have been scheduled for four non-stop hours of programming on Sunday morning, a time when everyone knows I’m such a joy to be around on during a convention weekend (or any other weekend).

What I find especially vexing about this is that it’s pretty much the same thing they did to me last year. Really, it’s not that hard to put a few TrekLit items on Saturday and a few on Sunday, so what the hell?

2 Responses to “My Shore Leave Schedule”

  1. Bill Leisner

    That is just ridiculous. And not bad enough that they can’t figure out how to spread TrekLit over a full weekend, but look at the Sunday 10-11 slot: they put three different panels all on alternate/mirror/temporally-altered universes all right opposite each other. Could it really be that much of a hassle for them to reschedule “Fanfic Through the Ages” or “K/S After ST XI” to break things up a little?

    • David Mack

      At least Friday night will be a blast. And I can sleep in on Saturday.

      Trying to look on the bright side of this clusterfuck.

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