News of The Calling

I am excited to report that my new urban-fantasy thriller The Calling is now available for purchase on the Barnes and Noble web site, and that it has garnered two favorable reviews today.

The first review is from Library Journal. Here’s the money quote:

Mack excels in characterization and the kind of gentle humor that surfaces in perilous situations, making his stories come alive. A good pick for fans of fantasy thrillers.

The second review is on the web site Here are its quotes d’argent:

In The Calling, David Mack tries something pretty original by bringing us (instead of vampires and werewolves) guardian angels and their evil counterparts. …

For the first book in what appears to be a new series, I was extremely impressed. David Mack writes very well and gets the story moving at a pace that keeps you interested without blowing through too much too quickly. He also does a great job of creating the tension that a supernatural thriller needs. I strongly recommend The Calling as a quick read, and I hope that more from David Mack will soon be on its way.

Quoth the Cartman: “Sweeeeeet.”

ETA: An earlier mix-up with the author photo and bio on the review has been corrected. My thanks to the staff at for the quick fix! (And for remembering my photographer’s credit.)

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