A couple of new reviews

Two new reviews have been posted for The Calling in recent days, and both have been generally favorable in their summaries and fair in their criticisms.

The first is from the Genre Reviews group on LiveJournal. My favorite quotes:

The Calling desperately wants to be on film, with all the fight scenes and the breakneck pacing.”

“… [I]f you dig urban fantasy but have tired of all the vampires and werewolves dominating the genre, this just might be something you’d like to pick up.”

The second is hot off the keyboard over at Robots and Vamps. My preferred money quotes:

“Mack is a master of writing action sequences. … There is one scene in a subway station that involves a running gunfight that is so well done that it honestly felt like I was watching [a] movie.”

“As [an] Urban Fantasy novel, this is one of the better ones that I have read. The story has the no-nonsense style of Jim Butcher’s Harry Dresden character and mixes it [with] the mystery of a Dennis Lehane novel.”

Not bad. Here’s hoping sales are strong enough that I get to turn The Calling into a series and address some of these readers’ unanswered questions about my fictional universe.

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