More good reviews of The Calling

I awoke this morning to a Google news alert informing me of several new and favorable fan-written reviews of The Calling around the blogosphere.

At the top of my kvell list is Amy Sisson’s review over at (Full disclosure: Amy is a friend of mine, but I don’t think she would let that influence her review; as a librarian, she takes writing and reading far too seriously for that.)

The Calling represents [David Mack’s] first novel in a universe of his own making, and it is indeed a fine debut. His world of angels and demons among us is timely given the popularity of urban fantasy these days, but it also feels fresh. Mack is particularly adept at action scenes, but he also achieves a fine balance of characterization by placing the everyday Tom into a hardboiled world.”

“The story is completely self-contained, yet hints at intriguing layers of complexity in this new universe that readers will look forward to exploring further.”

This pleases me. 🙂

Here’s a brief sampling of what other readers are saying about the book:

My Guilty Pleasures

I think David Mack has a hit on his hands, with the opportunity for an excellent series! … The characters are so well written, the settings described in such detail that I sank into this book. I have never read any of Mr. Mack’s previous work, but I will be on the lookout for his future books!

Jeanne’s Ramblings

Erin, [Tom’s] fellow Seeker, is amazing. She sounds like a Charlie’s Angel, kicking butt wherever she goes. … [M]aybe there will be another book….it sure would be interesting and I would definitely be on the waiting list.

Must Read Faster

[P]retty darn awesome! … I can totally see this becoming some sort of TV show or movie!

Booksie’s Blog

David Mack is a new talent in the fantasy genre and The Calling is an amazing book. The action is non-stop and heartpoundingly exciting, the characters are believable and appealing, and the premise behind the action is skillfully woven into the plotline. My first thought after finishing this book was that I hope a TV producer reads the book and creates a series. It would be wonderful to see Tom and Erin fighting evil and helping people on a weekly basis. This book is highly recommended for all fantasy readers, and for those who enjoy thrillers.

ETA: Two more late additions! (Wow, this has really been a heckuva day for me!)

Wendy’s Minding Spot

The Calling is a wonderful addition to the urban fantasy genre. … The action is gritty and turbulent, and the outcome is phenomenal. … Definitely a must-read for all scifi and paranormal fans!”

All About {n}

Tom was a great character – he was very down to Earth, loves his wife (I really like that in a man), yet is in a position where he has a calling to help other people.

On his mission, he meets Erin … I loved her. She was saucy, funny and was a major kick a$s character. We are kept at the edge of our seat as Tom and Erin head from one dangerous situation to the next.

I found the storyline to be very engaging … Full of twists and turns that kept you guessing … I can envision this becoming a series and I would definitely love to read more of Tom Nash. … I recommend this to anyone who enjoys fantasy, good writing and powerful characters.

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