Analog Tweets for 2009-08-11

  • @daytonward That’s what I had to do for eight years. Welcome to the suck factory. #
  • Oh, goody — another muggy day in NYC, fresh from Satan’s asscrack. #
  • @daytonward Right, sorry. Couldn’t see you up in your preferred seating from the Group W bench down in steerage. #
  • @TheSciFiChick Yikes. I guess sometimes you have to post bad reviews, just so people know you “keep it real.” #
  • “Shatner Of The Mount” – Why is Captain Kirk climbing a mountain? – #
  • Had a conference call re: my new writing gig. Went well. Had dinner: prosciutto, melon, avocado, garden tomatoes, fresh mozzarella. Heaven. #
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