Lurkers, Declare Yourselves!

Several days each month I cast words into the void via my blog. Most of my posts never receive replies, except from a small handful of my real-life friends. This post is not for them; it is for you, my casual reader, my longtime lurker, my first-time visitor.

If you have never posted on my blog before, or if you have even though we’ve never met in person, post a reply and let me know you stopped by. (I know you’re out there — I can hear you clicking.) Say something funny. Post a link to your own blog or web site.

Feeling inquisitive? Ask me a question. As long as it’s not too personal (and I’ll be the judge of that), I’ll do my best to answer it. Limit one random query per visitor.

This is your chance, folks. Step out of those virtual shadows and say “hello.”

15 Responses to “Lurkers, Declare Yourselves!”

  1. Perry

    David, Long time lurker, first time poster 🙂 I enjoy your work. I’ve read Lost Souls, Gods of Night, Harbinger, Warpath and Time to Kill. I’m Perry and I live in the town where Kevin Dilmore used to be on the newspaper.

  2. Eric A. Stillwell

    I hope I’m not a lurker! I’ve posted comments on your FB posts, does that count? (And I bought “The Calling”, which has moved to “next” on my-books-to-read!)

  3. Jeff

    Ok, if you insist. Howdy!

    I really enjoyed the Destiny Trilogy (plus the followup book). If were not going to see anymore movies or tv set in that time frame, might as well make the books epic. I’m also looking forward to your next Vanguard book.

    Here’s a question – The new movie had a very different tone then anything previously done in Star Trek (almost non stop action). Do you feel it would be important for people writing in that new “universe” to stay consistent with that?

    Here’s a nerdy recommendation to everyone somewhat close to Detroit, check out the Star Trek Exhibit there. I got to sit in the captain’s chair of the original bridge and jump through the guardian of forever! How cool is that!

    Ok, that wore me out. Back to lurking.

  4. David Mack

    Hi, Perry! Good to see you again (figuratively speaking), Eric! Welcome, Jeff!

    To answer Jeff’s question: yes, I think that to write a novel based on the continuity of the latest Star Trek movie, it would be important to respect this new style, both in terms of content and pacing, as well as the details of the alternate timeline.

    Thanks for the question!

  5. DeVario

    Another lurker here. You might have seen me around on Trekbbs. I must say I can’t wait for your Aventine Typhon Pact novel next year. Sounds like it will be awesome.

  6. David Mack

    ^ Thanks, DeVario! I’m looking forward to writing that book. It promises to be great fun…

  7. Millie

    Hi there,
    Have been posting for a few weeks… I have read the destiny’s books and a few other things from you…
    Just finish the first chapters of The Calling… Mindblowing begining…
    (Ok that’s kind of lame but it’s my sens of humour… sorry)
    Is there, in the second chapter, perhaps a little of you ? Your wife working and you answering your calling ? (in your case writting…)

  8. Tom

    Hi Dave,

    This is Tom from EHS 86. I’m going to pick up The Calling this weekend. Do you see yourself branching out more and more from Star trek novels?

    If the novel does well, will you have a sequel? The more David Mack books the better.

    I hope you have a long and successful career. My best to you and Kara.



    • David Mack

      I certainly plan to write more original novels, and I hope that sales of The Calling are strong enough that my publisher wants a sequel. So if you enjoy the book, consider giving a copy or two as gifts this holiday season … and encourage your friends to do the same. 🙂

  9. tiki god

    I’ve tried to comment many times, but it seems like all the posts that I want to comment on have their comments disabled 🙁 I found your blog after someone suggested it on one of my own sites :

    I think I’ve read all the vangard books you’ve written, and I have liked them all 🙂

  10. tiki god

    a good example of this is the iron giant post. I love that movie, but the comments are disabled on your post about it.

    wtf man.

  11. David Mack

    ^ The reason why many of my posts were closed to comments was that my blog has repeatedly been targeted by apparently Russian spambots. I got tired of having to dispose of dozens of spam comments each day, so I set the defaults on my WordPress blog to “disallow comments.”

    I’ll try to leave that box unchecked on more of my posts going forward. Also, comments are always welcome over on my LiveJournal mirror of this blog.

  12. tiki god

    I know on my own wordpress blogs I make the comments register only and then install openID, so all those people from LJ can come over and comment on your site here 🙂

    • David Mack

      Not a bad idea — though I’m not entirely sure how to install OpenID on my blog… maybe that will be one of my next round of improvements.

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