Analog Tweets for 2009-08-14

  • RT @Jess_Wade – Cutest. Squirrelpic. Ever. 17:00:51
  • John Scalzi is matching tax-deductible donations made today to Strange Horizons (up to $500). See my $100 & raise me. – 16:09:49
  • Seems I hit a “perfect” storm: a plugin conflict in WordPress while my server host was migrating to new IP addresses = BOOM. Fixed now. 14:12:46
  • RT @bobgreenberger – A Year Later, will be going silent today. – Please observe your own moments of silence today. 14:01:44
  • And to make things more fun, the server crash has also knocked out my primary e-mail address. *Sigh.* 02:17:49
  • And just to end my night on a downer, the server that hosts my web site and blog just crashed. Goody. 02:16:53
  • @daytonward Usually my first day with a new ms. ends with zero words on the page. By comparison, this is a smashing success. in reply to daytonward 02:16:25
  • Okay, day one on the new ms not a bust. Finished Chapter 1 (ca. 1000 words) of STAR TREK: MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN DEATH. 23:14:28
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