Analog Tweets for 2009-08-18

  • RT @scalzi – Just made a TERRIFYING deal. … John, I don’t even know what it is and already I feel a tide of envy churning deep inside me. 19:23:04
  • Got a call from a friend apologizing for forgetting our lunch today. It’s OK, though – because I forgot, too. Hurray for serendipity. 19:20:43
  • @fantastyfreak – Ain’t that the truth. Sing it for the cheap seats, brother. in reply to fantastyfreak 17:25:08
  • @julioangelortiz Fear not, Julio – I continue to chip away at the stone that is MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN DEATH. 😉 in reply to julioangelortiz 17:24:31
  • FAMILY GUY up for Emmy, ad campaign targets THE OFFICE. Man, don’t get on MacFarlane’s bad side. – 17:09:12
  • Just pruned 8 bots from my follow list. I fully expect their cybernetic brethren to follow me ASAP to avenge them. 17:03:03
  • @Fozzilla Sorry I didn’t see your message for 3 months – I rarely see tweets from folks I don’t follow. Tweeps – it’s OK to DM me. 🙂 in reply to Fozzilla 16:58:55
  • @BTBeamon – Cool! Hope you’re enjoying the trilogy, man! in reply to BTBeamon 16:45:24
  • The system works – my online store just sold a complete trilogy set of STAR TREK DESTINY! Off to post office to mail out the signed books. 12:53:09
  • @daytonward I think it’s about creating an “echo chamber” of following. If you follow all who follow you, and they tell two friends, etc. in reply to daytonward 12:51:02
  • Another day done, another 2175 words in the ms. Slowly picking up speed. I’ll aim to churn out a few more than that tomorrow… 01:31:39
  • Barbecued chicken & grilled veggies. Waiting for wife to get home so we can have dinner. Dawdling instead of writing. Bad author, no cookie. 20:16:15
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