Latest Web Report Fun Facts

It’s been a little while since I posted fun details from my web site’s Google Analytics report. So here goes.

Overall, traffic seems to be up roughly 14% in the past 30 days from the previous one-month period, which is good. I think a spike of visits related to The Calling‘s blog tour helped.

As usual, I remain fascinated by the fact that I get visits from far-flung countries. It just makes me smile to think that someone I’ve never met is literally on the other side of the world, visiting my li’l ol’ web site.

Which countries got my notice in this month’s web report? Though their number of visits is usually measured only in single digits, let me say hello to whoever visited my site from Malaysia, Pakistan, Guatemala, Honduras, Brunei, Panama, the Isle of Man, and Ghana. Also, a tip of the hat to my New Zealand visitor from the Palmerston North area.

Most folks who found my site did so using Google; the next-largest group of visitors arrived there via direct links. After that, my next biggest referrers were Yahoo and Twitter, with Bing a distant fifth.

The most commonly used keywords to reach my site last month were, in order: david mack; dave mack; david mack the calling; david mack site; and, the calling by david mack.

Okay, I’ll stop now.

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