Analog Tweets for 2009-08-20

  • Only mediocre progress today on MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN DEATH — 1400 words. Bleh. I’ll try again for momentum tomorrow. 20:44:31
  • @Jess_Wade I think we all got them. It’s the invasion we’ve long feared, and all our base are belong to them. in reply to Jess_Wade 07:24:16
  • Breaking news: Democrat grows spine, makes logical, passionate argument for health-care reform – 07:25:35
  • RT @Televixen – my version of T’pol on Vulcan in the desert uniform: – My reaction in a word? Daaaaaamn. 🙂 07:27:26
  • RT @Jess_Wade – Pants that “wink” when you walk. // Me: Oh, jeez. That’s just not right… 07:33:31
  • Apparently, last night was the Night of the Living Followbots. 07:34:46
  • – John Scalzi’s Guide to the Most Epic FAILs in STAR WARS Design 09:33:14
  • One scene written today in MBTD; one more to go to make my personal quota. But first – more beer. 12:42:23
  • Newman’s Lemonade plus Jack Daniel’s taste like a whiskey sour, except better. Today’s helpful hint brought to you by the letter π. 14:22:57
  • Just made this my new desktop: The Periodic Table of Typefaces – 19:18:47
  • Hit my 2k minimum word count for the day before dinner. Anything I do later tonight is pure gravy. Sweet! 20:18:22
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