Today’s frustrations

Thunderstorms are moving into the New York area, threatening to preempt my weekend plans.

My blog is malfunctioning in myriad small ways. The plugin that’s supposed to gather a daily digest of my Twitter updates stopped working last week, so I replaced it with a different one. That one worked for a few days, then it died, too. I tried upgrading my WordPress software and the plugin versions. No dice. So much for auto-feeding the blog beast with cheap tweets. Another plan foiled.

So far I haven’t done any writing today. Instead, I’ve been scrambling around and running errands. I still have to clean the cats’ litter box. Oh, joy.

Time to go get the dirty work done and then get to writing. If I can. Sigh.

3 Responses to “Today’s frustrations”

  1. Allyn

    Which Twitter plugins were you using?

    As for upgrading WordPress… *sigh*

    I upgraded to 2.8. It’s a frelling memory hog, and I couldn’t get it to run properly on my host. I had to roll back to 2.7.1 just to get the blog functional again. Unless 2.9 grapples with the memory problem, I may stay on 2.7.1 for a while, but my gut feeling is that the WordPress dev community feels that the memory problem isn’t a problem.

  2. David Mack

    JournalPress 0.2.1 (though I am now on 0.2.2); Twitter Tools 1.6 (since updated to v2.0); Twitter Digest 1.8.2 (still on that one).

    How does the memory issue manifest itself? Does it slow down the blog’s functionality? I don’t host my own site, so I’ll have to trust my tech guys to raise a red flag if WP 2.8.4 misbehaves…

  3. Allyn

    If I have the chance tomorrow, I’ll take a look at those three Twitter plugins.

    WordPress 2.8.x’s memory issue is just that it uses a lot. WordPress 2.7.x runs in less than 16 megabytes; WordPress 2.8.x needs about 40 megabytes.

    My host limits me to a 16 megabyte memory process space, so 2.8 ran, but I couldn’t access the Dashboard.

    If you haven’t had a problem with the Dashboard thus far, you’re probably okay. If you want to make sure, check with your host to see what your memory space is.

    You can find out a little more here; scroll down to where you see Fatal error: Allowed memory size of xxxxxxxx bytes exhausted.

    If you have FTP access to your site, you may want to try the third suggestion (adding a line to your wp-config file) anyway. It didn’t work for me, but it can’t hurt.

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