Analog Tweets for 2009-08-25

  • Huffpost – KFC's Double Down Sandwich: Is Chicken Instead of Bread Going Too Far? (VIDEO) 20:23:40
  • RT @scalzi In the rabbit barn at the county fair. Guess what they have there. | Me: another reason to envy John Scalzi: bunny proximity! 07:50:37
  • Exclusive First Look at What's Next for Farscape comics – #farscape 08:08:52
  • My favorite quote of the day (so far), from an article on WIRED – "The public is a m0th3rƒ*ck3r." 08:45:37
  • Just sent my agent an RTF file of the final version of THE CALLING, for use in selling the foreign rights. Hope I get to go worldwide! 12:59:26
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