More praise for THE CALLING

Another new review of The Calling just hit the intertubes, garnering an 8/10 rating and yielding some lovely new quotes:

calling_final_revised_sm“…a fast-paced, action-packed ride, which sets up an intriguing world hidden beneath our own…”

“Mack’s strengths are his characterisations and action sequences, and he gets the opportunity to demonstrate both in this.”

“It’s a tribute to Mack’s writing that you never feel that his characters are grandstanding (well, except those that love it!) . … Pray for a sequel.”

— Peter Quentin, Total Sci-Fi Online


2 Responses to “More praise for THE CALLING”

  1. Scott Pearson


    Meant to tell you I was in one of the nearby B&Ns lately and they had a few copies faced out. If they hadn’t have been faced out, I would have faced them out.

    Guerrilla marketing, dude.

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