An Eye Toward Recovery

First item on my agenda this morning: getting outpatient eye surgery. I’ve had an annoying cyst in my right eye for about six weeks, and today I finally had it removed.

The worst part of the procedure was the injection to numb the eye. Watching the needle creep toward my cornea was so much fun, and enduring the sharp jab as it pierced my lower eyelid made my fists curl up like dead spiders thrown onto hot coals. The subsequent procedure didn’t hurt much, though I could have done without the olfactory products of the cauterizing process, which gave me a whiff of scorched flesh and burning eyelashes.

Now I need to resume putting antibiotic-steroidal eyedrops in my eye four times a day. As an added bonus, I also get to squeeze an antibiotic ointment into my eye. I got the first dose at the doctor’s office; it felt as if my eye had been glued shut. Yeah, I’ve got some fun time ahead in the next few weeks…

One Response to “An Eye Toward Recovery”

  1. Scott Pearson

    Yikes . . . that induced shivers up my spine.

    Get well soon, sir. You need to be able to give people the skunk eye.

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