Analog Tweets for 2009-09-02

  • RT @scalzi Prepping for my first-ever interview using a Web cam. Hey, I even put on a shirt! … ME: Pants, of course, are optional. 15:39:58
  • Time to feed the cats, then go barbecue some boneless spare ribs before I lose the light… 17:33:44
  • @scalzi I am deeply thankful that you chose to just say "yes" to pants, John. 😉 in reply to scalzi 17:34:31
  • @terpette All your criticisms of D*C may be valid. I guess I just want to join any club that won't have me as a member. in reply to terpette 20:28:20
  • Like most addicts, I have an enabler. Mine is my wife: "Want a Pop Tart?" ME: "Um…okay." Soon it's a 3-box-a-week habit. 22:21:19
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