Heaven on Earth

I’m not going to explain why, but this is a place I wish I could go right now.

It’s a restaurant in Japan where, in addition to ordering a meal (which does not include rabbit), you can pay to cuddle a live bunny while you are on-premises. I want to cuddle this one:

(image redacted for copyright reasons)

So sue me. I like bunnies, and I don’t care who knows it. If this means I lose my cred as a writer of hard-hitting SF/F action, so be it.


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  1. Thierry

    Hey we must log on now to post comments… 🙂
    I remember reading that in France the eating of rabbit as dropped after it became in fashion to have rabbits as pet friends…
    If you look at it from an evolution point of view it’s understandable, people project onto the “pretty” little bunny the image of a child/little one to protect. It open the gate of maternal affection in our mind (or paternal in your case)
    Do you have secret desire for children ? 😉
    Will Tom Nash bring the rabbit with him in his next adventure to compensate the fact that he has to go away from his child and wife on the next errand?
    Just kidding… (I hope you can tell)
    PS : well i’ll have to order all the st vanguard then…. (i checked it’s available on amazon)

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