Analog Tweets for 2009-09-21

  • Stack of project briefs to read. Pages to write. Video to edit. And laundry to pick up. But first … JAVA! 13:06:33
  • c/o The Tonight Show: Statler & Waldorf Heckle President Obama (VIDEO) – 13:43:03
  • Can't say I wasn't warned: Photoshop CS just crashed my Mac, which I recently upgraded to Snow Leopard. Definitely a bug. 18:03:21
  • @JHoffman6 – Thanks for pimping the annotations to STAR TREK VANGUARD: HARBINGER! in reply to JHoffman6 18:05:22
  • Just added 2116 words to MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN DEATH ms. Now I must read creative brief for next gig. Then dinner and video editing… 19:39:40
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