Analog Tweets for 2009-09-23

  • Wishing a very happy birthday to the "writer of stuff," Peter David! 13:19:02
  • Skimmed the news and discussion forums; answered e-mails from publisher; drank java; made a sandwich. Now I have to write. Damn. 14:37:48
  • Confirmed! I'll be signing copies of THE CALLING on Sunday 10/25 at 2pm at the B&N in Holyoke, Mass. – 16:35:25
  • @Alexa_4 – Yup! As I've said before, "Write drunk, edit sober." @BLeisner – Beats workin', eh? in reply to Alexa_4 16:53:03
  • @ecmyers – Because it takes most people 2 days to get their acts together. Wednesday ain't "Hump Day" — it's "Dump Day." in reply to ecmyers 18:03:43
  • Another 2,250 words added to MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN DEATH. Current word count: 43k. Thank you, Jack Daniel's. 21:58:14

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