Analog Tweets for 2009-09-24

  • I have seen the eternal Footman hold my coat, and snicker … but why doesn't the bastard ever carry my luggage? 13:01:22
  • Chuckling at a well-known author who got his dander up because he doesn't realize articles on THE ONION are satirical. 14:12:44
  • Just got my contract & signing payment for MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN DEATH. Guess I'd better keep writing it, then. 15:22:12
  • Writing an attack on the Enterprise while listening to "Storming New Caprica" from BSG Season 3 soundtrack. Nice fit. 🙂 17:48:07
  • Writing momentum derailed by uncertainty whether bridge & sickbay are on same deck in new Trek movie's Enterprise. 20:08:53
  • And yet I still knocked out 2200 new words on MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN DEATH. Not bad. 20:44:54
  • @antodav – Not in the new movie; it appears to be a protected compartment inside the saucer section, no longer a vulnerable target up top. in reply to antodav 20:46:34
  • @Alexa_4 – Yes, MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN DEATH is based on the characters/events of J.J. Abrams' film. Trust me. It'll be fun. in reply to Alexa_4 22:41:01
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