Analog Tweets for 2009-10-06

  • RT @SizzlerKistler CRAZY SEXY GEEKS THE SERIES returns Wednesday. See a preview with Rob Zombie & Edward James Olmos: 07:09:25
  • I'll be a guest on NDB Radio, Wed., Oct. 14 @ 10PM EDT, 7PM PDT. Call in to the show: 914-338-0314 – 07:36:33
  • My old cat is limping again. Have to keep an eye on her. She recovered on her own last time, but twice in a week? This worries me. 13:38:47
  • – Waiter tweets of being stiffed by celeb, loses job. Remember, folks, tweeting is talking in public. 14:07:10
  • @kevindilmore -Beyonce as WW? Okay. I'm dismayed by who the writers (GI Joe: Rise of Cobra) and director (Max Payne) are. in reply to kevindilmore 15:35:58
  • Another 2,000 words added to MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN DEATH. Now I shift gears to work on my other paying gig. 17:16:02
  • Just got some notes on an outline I submitted a few hours ago. Wow, that's fast. I wish all my gigs were like this. 🙂 00:49:36
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