Analog Tweets for 2009-10-08

  • Revisiting my adolescence briefly by listening to "Led Zeppelin I". Damn, what a great album. 13:17:29
  • This tweet intentionally left blank. 16:31:17
  • I was afraid I might have chronic fatigue syndrome. Turns out I'm just lazy. 16:37:50
  • Just cleared hurdle #1 on new gig. Hurray! In other news, senior cat's limping again. She goes to the vet tomorrow, alas. 17:16:46
  • Why is it that puking cats always hurl onto carpeting, never onto tile? Science needs to find an answer to this, quickly. 17:24:44
  • Added 2,420 words to MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN DEATH. Running total: 62,300 words. If all goes well ms. should be done next week. 01:11:55
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