Analog Tweets for 2009-10-15

  • Hilarious single-panel cartoons: When superheroes get old – 14:06:49
  • Sadly, in publishing, this is equal parts truth and humor – The New Yorker: Our Marketing Plan – 14:14:12
  • Hallelujah! The DVD's done! Tomorrow it goes to the dupe house. If all goes well, I'll have them by the end of the month. 17:07:25
  • Nothing like having someone shit all over my good-faith efforts because he thinks he's being funny. 19:51:27
  • Added 2,800 words to MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN DEATH. Now to make dinner for my wife, and then start on gig No. 2… 21:54:20
  • @SizzlerKistler – What's so hard about that? Just rip 'em or cut 'em and they slide right out. … What? in reply to SizzlerKistler 00:08:26

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