Analog Tweets for 2009-10-20

  • The drunk in this vid is sadly funny. Whoever gave it the "silent-film" treatment made it hilarious. – 13:16:36
  • Reminder: I'll be signing at Barnes & Noble in Holyoke, MA, this Sunday at 2pm. Come meet me and buy a copy of The Calling! 19:55:59
  • Part 1 of my top-secret writing gig is submitted. Now I have to vet 2nd-pass pages on Star Trek: The Sorrows of Empire. 19:56:57
  • Finished vetting final galleys of expanded ed. of The Sorrows of Empire, e-mailed cxns to publisher. To the printer! 00:44:43
  • Got invoice from DVD factory. Project's done, bill is paid, my DVDs ship out in the morning. I'll have them Monday 10/26. 00:46:02
  • @BLeisner – Fortunately, this time it was preemptive rather than corrective. 😉 in reply to BLeisner 00:47:18
  • "The Ballad of Larry and Suzy" by Neil Peart – A tale of new life & the victory of hope over fear – 01:10:05
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