What’s wrong with this picture?

So I’ve been reading that Justin Halpern, creator of the Twitter feed @shitmydadsays, has been rewarded for his hilarious tweets with a book contract and a TV sitcom deal.

Let me get this straight.

A 28-year-old man moves back in with his elderly parents and reportedly starts tweeting his father’s more outrageous remarks. In just 73 tweets, he nets himself 750,000 followers. And now he’s up to ass in cash and success.

Taking into account the Twitter limit of 140 characters per tweet, multiplied by 73 tweets = 10,220 characters. Now let’s assume an average word length of six letters including a space or punctuation. This sonofabitch got a book contract and a TV deal as a reward for a total output of 1,701 words.

Best of all? They weren’t even his fucking words! They were his dad’s hilarious remarks.

If you ask me, his dad ought to be the one with the book contract and the TV deal.

Bitter? Me? Why do you ask?

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