Analog Tweets for 2009-12-11

  • Gave the new Google Chrome beta browser for Mac a test drive. Not impressed. I'llkeep Firefox, thanks. #GoogleChromeBrowser 07:15:30
  • When I fight authority, authority always wins — but only because it totally owns the ref. 11:19:11
  • Happy Holidays, my festive tweeps! Today's gift – THE MUPPETS: "The Carol of the Bells" – (VIDEO) 11:27:46
  • @daytonward – Probably, since the SyFy execs who bought it probably were. *puff* "Hey, I bet this will draw the 18-24's!" in reply to daytonward 11:30:36
  • If pandering is a crime, why is Stephenie Meyer not being prosecuted for TWILIGHT? 18:11:37
  • Deep Tweet for Today: On a long enough time scale, all stories end in tragedy. #DeepTweet 00:59:47
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