A nice shout-out…

Mark Robert Ritchie wrote an essay titled The Revenge of the TV Tie-In on his blog, Glass Empires.

It’s a thoughtful piece about the history and current state of tie-in fiction, and in it he says some nice things about the work of such authors as Peter David, Kevin J. Anderson, Keith R.A. DeCandido, James Blish, and — inexplicably — yours truly. Color me flattered to be mentioned in the same context as any of those guys, never mind all of them.

Here’s the passage I liked best, of course:

The literary Star Trek universe, thanks to a ground-shattering shake-up by David Mack’s Destiny trilogy, but which was built up in the previous few books, is now a more exciting place than ever before.

Very kind of him to say, so pay Mark’s blog a visit and let him know you stopped by.

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