Two books on a “Best of ’09” list

I was excited to discover this morning that two of my novels made it onto the “Best of ’09” list of prolific SF/F review site

In the tie-ins category, The 4400: Promises Broken shares a three-way split with Keith R.A. DeCandido’s Star Trek: A Singular Destiny Bill Leisner’s Losing the Peace and the novelization of Star Trek (2009) by Alan Dean Foster.

Nearer and dearer to my heart, however, my original urban fantasy The Calling made the list in the category of Series Debut/Standalone, sharing that honor with Death’s Daughter by Amber Benson.


ETA: Apologies to Keith for getting his hopes up only to dash them on the rocks of reality; I should know better than to post so early in the morning when I haven’t yet had coffee.

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  1. Thierry

    Very Happy for you !
    I guess my next books to read will include many “David Mack” !lol!
    –> Warpath since i’m reading WODS9:FERENGINAR now
    –> The4400
    –> Vanguard

    By the way I checked the site (scifichick) but was kind of surprised to find not one but two ad banner for “DIANETICS.ORG” …
    Granted as a fan of scifi the L. Ron Hubbard religion is kind of a funny entertainment…
    But i was kind of surprise to find them there…

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